Guest Posts & Articles allows you to create a guest article or blog. It is a great opportunity to boost your profile locally by using our Asia-focused domain. This service is offered free of charge, however several requirements must be meet.


  • The article’s content shouldn’t exceed 500 words in length and should be informative
  • Copyscape must confirm the authenticity of the article. Spin articles and copied articles are not accepted.
  • The content of the article should not contain information about gambling, drugs hatred, gambling, or any other illegal activity in the Asia.
  • any external links within the article will be marked as <<sponsored>> – maximum 1 outbound link towards the writer website
  • article content must be written in local language of the domain – English
  • We reserve the right of making edits to the content through the addition of images or links to other articles that are relevant.

We reserve the right not to publish any articles on All posts that don’t meet our quality standards or other requirements are removed.

Other SEO Recommendations

We have heard that a lot of people want to publish content that will help them gain backlinks on their main website. Although we are able to accept backlinks, they will be labeled as sponsored. The link will still be of SEO benefits since it’s a link from a new domain. This helps to create diversification of the link for the owner.

More SEO options for you would be:

Visit the HowToSEO.Guide website for a list of great SEO options, such as backlink tools that will assist you in finding guest post options and increase the diversity of your links, content tools to quickly create authentic content as well as research tools to increase your search engine rankings by adding new keywords.

Tips for Guest Posting

If you’re unsure of how to take advantage of a guest blogging opportunity it is important to identify your market and know how to advertise yourself. Although it can seem difficult at first, this process is actually very easy. There are numerous resources you can access to identify an audience that is specifically targeted and to target your message. One of the most important tips to be successful is to preserve your the authenticity. If you’re struggling to effectively communicate your message it’s best to make some adjustments.

The first step is to be sure to not make guest posts exclusively about you. Although you’re able to include your company’s name in the author bio, the bulk of your article should not be focused on your company. If you’re not sure of how to approach this you can make use of tools like Digg or Oktopus to identify the most popular blogs accepting guest post submissions. After you have found the best blog for your niche, it is time to start creating guest posts. When you’ve begun receiving requests, be sure to read your articles thoroughly.

After you’ve chosen the best blog for your guest post, you’ll need to determine what the readership of the website is like. Your guest post should have the right topics to be relevant to their readers. Utilizing social media platforms such as Digg and Oktopus can assist you in finding the most popular blog posts on the Internet. It is now possible to pitch your blog post after you have all the data. Keep in mind that your guest post is intended to aid their audience, not own branding.